"Within the Father's House"
                       by James R. Woodford, 1820-1885
                                   Text From:
               (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.105

        1. Within the Father's house
        The Son hath found His home,
        And to His Temple suddenly
        The Lord of Life hath come.

        2. The doctors of the Law
        Gaze on the wondrous Child
        And marvel at His gracious words
        Of wisdom undefiled.

        3. Yet not to them is given
        The mighty truth to know,
        To Iift the earthly veil which hides
        Incarnate God below.

        4. The secret of the Lord
        Escapes each human eye,
        And faithful pondering hearts await
        The full epiphany.

        5. Lord, visit Thou our souls
        And teach us by Thy grace
        Each dim revealing of Thyself
        With loving awe to trace,

        6. Till from our darkened sight
        The cloud shall pass away
        And on the cleansed soul shall burst
        The everlasting day;

        7. Till we behold Thy face
        And know as we are known
        Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
        Coequal Three in One.

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #133 Text: Luke 2:41-52 Author: James R. Woodford, 1863 Tune: "Franconia" 1st Published in: _Harmonischer Liederschatz_ Town: Frankfurt, 1738
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