"For Thy  Mercy  and  Thy Grace"
                        by Henry Downton, 1818-1885
                                 Text From:
             (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.96-97

        1. For Thy mercy and Thy grace,
        Faithful through another year,
        Hear our song of thankfulness;
        Savior and Redeemer, hear!

        2. Lo, our sins on Thee we cast,
        Thee, our perfect Sacrifice,
        And, forgetting all the past,
        Press unto our glorious prize.

        3. Dark the future; let Thy light
        Guide us, bright and Morning Star.
        Fierce our foes and hard the fight;
        Arm us, Savior, for the war.

        4. In our weakness and distress,
        Rock of strength, be Thou our Stay;
        In the pathless wilderness
        Be our true and living Way.

        5. Who of us death's awful road
        In the coming year shall tread,
        With Thy rod and staff, 0 God,
        Comfort Thou his dying bed.

        6. Keep us faithful, keep us pure,
        Keep us evermore Thine own.
        Help, oh, help us to endure;
        Fit us for the promised crown.

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #121 Text: Ps. 59:16 Author: Henry Downton, 1841, ab. and alt. Tune: "Culbach" 1st Published in: _Heilige Seelenlust_ Town: Breslau, 1657, ad.
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