"To Thee My Heart I Offer"
                            by Unknown author, 1653
                                  Text From:
               (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p.72

        1. To Thee my heart I offer,
        0 Christ-child sweet and dear;
        Upon Thy love relying,
        Oh, be Thou ever near!
        Take Thou my heart and give me Thine
        And let it be forever mine,
        0 Jesus, holy, undefiled,
        My Savior meek and mild.

        2. My heart within is glowing,
        0 Christ-child sweet and dear.
        I love Thee, Lord and Savior;
        Oh, be Thou ever near!
        I see Thee in a manger laid,
        Near cattle resting unafraid;
        I see Thy deep humility
        And lowly bow to Thee.

        3. What brought Thee to the manger,
        0 Christ-child sweet and dear?
        Thy love for me, a stranger, --
        Oh, be Thou ever near!
        0 Lord, how great is this Thy love
        That reaches down from heaven above,
        Thy love for us, by sin defiled,
        That made Thee, God, a child!

        4. With all my heart and being,
        0 Christ-child sweet and dear,
        I love Thee, and Thee only;
        Oh, be Thou ever near!
        My heart I in Thy manger lay,
        Let it remain there and for aye
        Draw it to Thee that it may be
        Secure eternally.

        5. Let me be Thine forever,
        0 Christ-child sweet and dear;
        Uphold me with Thy mercy
        And be Thou ever near.
        From Thee I gladly all receive,
        And what is mine to Thee I give.
        My heart, my soul, and all I own:
        Let these be Thine alone.

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #89 Text: Luke 2:7 Author: unknown, 1653 Translated by: composite Titled: "Mein Herz will ich dir schenken" Tune: "Cordis donum" 1st Published in: _Clausener Gesangbuch", 1653
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