"Watchman, Tell Us of the Night"
                          by John Bowring, 1792-1872
                                  Text From:
              (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1942) p. 57

        1. Watchman, tell us of the night,
        What its signs of promise are.
        Traveler, o'er yon mountain's height,
        See that glory-beaming star.
        Watchman, doth its beauteous ray
        Aught of joy or hope foretell?
        Traveler, yes; it brings the day,
        Promised day of Israel.

        2. Watchman, tell us of the night;
        Hiher yet that star ascends.
        Traveler, blessedness and light,
        Peace and truth, its course portends.
        Watchman, will its beams alone
        Gild the spot that gave them birth?
        Traveler, ages are its own;
        See, it bursts o'er all the earth.

        3. Watchman, tell us of the night,
        For the morning seems to dawn.
        Traveler, darkness takes its flight;
        Doubt and terror are withdrawn.
        Watchman, let thy wanderings cease;
        Hie thee to thy quiet home.
        Traveler, lo, the Prince of Peace,
        Lo, the Son of God, is come!

Notes from _The Lutheran Hymnal_ Hymn #71 from _The Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal_ Text: Is. 21:11 Author: John Bowring, 1825 Composer: George J. Elvey, 1858 Tune: "St. George"
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