Welcome to Marilyn Phemister's Greek New Testament audio files. I am a self-taught student of Koine Greek with a need for an audio Greek New Testament. After a fruitless search to find something that would meet that need with a pronunciation I could understand, I decided to make my own audio Greek New Testament. Due to copyright issues with the Nestle-Aland text, I have used the public domain Westcott and Hort text, which is almost identical to Nestle-Aland.

Disclaimer: I make no claims regarding the accuracy of my pronunciation. I will only say it works for me, and I hope it works for you. While I have attempted to conform to the pronunciation taught in most textbooks, I have found that not all textbooks agree, and there is great variation from one speaker to another. Two admitted deficiencies in my own pronunciation are that I have not been able to make the guttural (clearing the throat) sound of CHI without causing distortion in the recording, and I have never formed the habit of trilling RHO. In addition to this, my noise reduction software has removed the rough breathing from some of the words.

Every chapter of the Greek New Testament is now available here in MP3 format and in Real Audio format at http://audiogreek.0catch.com. They are also available on CD in MP3 format, and I am thinking about making a regular audio CD with selected passages for people with computer allergies. For information or suggestions, please email me at mphemister@kscable.com.

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