Create a bookID.meta file of bibliographic information

A ThML document as important pieces of bibliographic information such as the author, title, publisher, etc. in the header section of the document. Download and run the program mkmeta to help create this metadata file. (Instructions on how to install perl, run perl programs, etc. are beyond the scope of this tutorial.)

You'll be prompted for several bits of information. I'll use Jonathan Edwards' Memoirs as an example. Note that the address for Edwards' Memoirs on the ccel is . From this address you can deduce that Edwards' authorID is "edwards" and the bookID is "memoirs". As prompted, enter the following:

If the author and book don't already have CCEL ids, you can make them up. I may change them if necessary. If you want to find the years of the author, look in an online library card catalog, such as that for Calvin's Hekman Library.

You can find the publisher information on the title page of the book. You should also give a location if possible, e.g. London: Society for the Preservation of Christian Knowledge, 1892.

Add a list of appropriate terms separated by ;. Available terms are as follows:

When done, the program creates the file bookID.meta. You can also edit this file to correct or add information.