We're making big changes. Please try out the beta site at beta.ccel.org and send us feedback. Thank you!

World Wide Study Bible

Version 5

(2006-08-18) Alive again! For the last couple of years, the wwsb was "static"—no longer connected to a live database. We couldn't fix bad links, add new links, etc. In the process of redesigning the CCEL we rebuilt the WWSB, and now it's connected to the database again. We deleted bad links and added a whole host of new links to CCEL content. Best of all, we'll planning to start maintaining and adding to the database of links again.

There is a new set of verse-level links. There are too many book references to display them for a whole chapter, so we display them only when you click on a verse number. In general, you'll see references that are more specific to the verse you are interested in, and more of them. There are about 50,000 chapter-level references and 850,000 verse-level references in the database!

Version 4

After the move of the CCEL to Calvin College and the switch to an Apache Web server, MySQL database, and php3 scripting language, the CCEL has been ported and is functioning, but there are very few new capabilities. (Summer of '99.)

About Version 3

The World Wide Study Bible has of necessity been revised again. This revision was pretty much going on 7/17/97. The reason for the revision is that the database server on which it used to run has been retired, and the college is going to a different database system. Thus the WWSB was revised to use an Informix Online database and LiveWire programs to access it. All of the book and chapter pages are generated by LiveWire programs. These pages are then copied to disk by a Web mirror program. Thus, the whole set of some 1500 pages is rebuilt when new references are added to the database.

Some day I hope to add on-line additions to the database, but that doesn't work at the moment.

About Version 2

The World Wide Study Bible underwent major revision around 1/1/96. The original vision of links added by thousands of users had a weak link -- me. It was necessary for one person to verify and add all submissions, and I couldn't keep up, given the other demands on my time.

Now the WWSB is built on top of an Informix database. Links are added by importing a file of links into the database, and the whole WWSB (currently 1457 html files and about 12000 references) is rebuilt by running a single script. Therefore it is possible to add a large number of links much more efficiently. Thanks to Jon Farr for his help in this project.

Original 'About'

The World Wide Study Bible was conceived as a means of organizing all of the Bible-related resources on the World Wide Web according to scripture reference. Because of the nature of the World Wide Web and the large number of potential contributors, it is possible to index an enormous number and wide variety of resources -- commentaries, meditations, sermons, pictures, word studies, musical settings, historical or archeologic notes -- anything that is relevant.

This is a world wide effort; it will flourish only with user contribution. Please consider finding a public domain commentary and typing in the notes for a section of scripture. Scan an image. Type in a sermon. Enter a midi file for one of the numbers in Handel's Messiah. Then put it on your HTTP server and send me a URL or upload it to ftp://www.ccel.org/incoming for storage on my server.

Just make sure that the element you contribute is public domain or freely redistributable. In order to determine that something is in the public domain, the most commonly applicable rule of thumb is that anything published in the US before 1923 is in the public domain. In many other countries, an item becomes public domain when the author has been dead for 50 years.

Note that the contributions may not be reviewed or selected for theology or quality; a diversity of theological viewpoints will likely be represented. Nevertheless I reserve the right to decide which links I will include.