Wikibook Editing Information

Wikibooks is a new system for adding books to the Library.

Step 1: Select a book.
Wikibooks Homepage: Select a book from the list.

Step 2: Select a page.
Book Info Page: Select a page and click 'edit'.

Step 3: Proofread and save the page.
Edit Page: Compare page image with the text and edit the text until it matches the image.
When finished with a page make sure you check the box marked 'I have proofed page #' and click 'save'.

Front pages:
If you'd like, start by reserving the book.
Any text before the body text should be wrapped with [frontmatter] tags.
The following self-explanatory tags go inside frontmatter tags:
[contents], [foreword], [preface], [acknowledgement], [introduction], [dedication], [prologue]
As you go, delete all blank pages.
Body Text:
Body text is formatted using html or markdown syntax.
Syntax Details
All unnecessary indents should be removed.
All unnecessary line breaks should be removed.
Add images by selecting area on page image, then selecting the text box and clicking add image button.
The Table of Contents is generated based on headings.
- #Heading1 is used for chapters.
- ##Heading2 is used for chapter segments.
Other heading levels are just for style.
Finishing Touches:
Book info edit page:
- Write book description.
- Choose book preview image.