Wikibook Editing Help

CCEL Wikipage editing supports Markdown Syntax, html formatting, and some syntax we added.

To learn more about editing wikibooks, visit the Editing Information page.

  • Line Break: Two or more spaces at the end of a line
  • New Paragraph: Double return (ie. press enter button twice)

  • *Italics* or _Italics_
  • **Bold** or __Bold__
  • ***Bold and Italics*** or ___Bold and Italics___
  • @smallcaps@

  • [frontmatter] tags should to mark frontmatter.
    • styles include [contents], [foreword], [preface], [acknowledgement], [introduction], [dedication], and [prologue].
  • [poem] text [/poem] renders the text between the tags into a poem format.
    • The > symbol creates indents to preserve the form
  • [scripture] text [/scripture]
    generates a scripture reference from the text between the tags
  • [sermon Matt 5:21] or [sermon Matt 5:21-5:22]
    • Denotes a sermon on the passage and is replaced with a reference and a [*]
    • can also be used for [commentary] and [meditation] and the color of the * changes to indicate the type
  • Footnotes
    • [^1] adds footnote number 1
    • To define the text of the footnote, write [^1]: your definition here
  • Paragraph continuing across pages
    • If a paragraph continues from one page to the next, place a [continue] at the start of the second page to ensure that it does not indent
  • Headers
    Use 1-6 hash characters at the start of a line corresponding to the header levels 1-6
    The header level standards are defined at the begining of the book (eg. Header level 3 = Chapter Title)
    • #Header1

    • ##Header2

    • ######Header6
  • Lists
    • Unordered List Type an asterisk in front of the item
      * Item 1
      * Item 2
      * Item 3
    • Ordered List Type a number followed by a period in front of the item
      1. Item 1
      2. Item 2
      3. Item 3
  • Tables
    First Header    | Second Header
    --------------- | --------------------
    Content Cell 1  | Content Cell 3
    Content Cell 2  | Content Cell 4
    This will be formatted as
    First Header Second Header
    Content Cell1 Content Cell2
    Content Cell3 Content Cell4
  • Inserting Clipped images
    • To insert a clipped image, click the scissors to toggle the clipping mode to on, select the area from the image by clicking and dragging from the top left to the bottom right of the area you would like to select, then copy and paste the resulting image tag into the correct area of the wikipage.