Wikibook Editing Information

This page can be accessed from the icon in the top middle or top right corner of Wikibooks pages.

Step 1: Select a book.
Wikibooks Homepage: Select a book from the list. If you would like, reserve the book, in order to keep other people from editing it simultaneously. The book will be reserved for a two week period.

Step 2: Select a page.
Book Info Page: Use the Table of Contents to jump to a specific section, or use the arrows to navigate through the preview pages one by one. Once you find a page you want to proofread, click 'Edit'.

Also on the Book Info page, below the book preview, you can see the "Editing Standards" box, which gives instructions specific to that book (in addition to the information here).

Step 3: Edit the page.
Edit page: Compare the page image with the text, then edit the text until it matches the image. You can use the 'Preview' feature to see how your changes look, or 'View changes' to compare your changes to the original.

The toolbar across the top provides a quick way to add formatting. The following rules should be used to format the text:

Section titles [show]

Body pages [show]

Different types of text [show]

Other issues and fixes [show]


Step 4: Save the page.
When finished with a page, make sure you check the box marked 'I proofed page #' and click 'Save'.

Click 'Cancel' to discard your changes and navigate away from the page.

CCEL Wikibook editing supports Markdown Syntax, html formatting, and some syntax we added.