1 YE worms of earth arise,
Ye creatures of a day,
Redeem the time, be bold, be wise,
And cast your bonds away;

2 Shake off the chains of sin,
Like us assembled here,
With hymns of praise to usher in
The acceptable year.

3 The year of gospel-grace,
Like us, rejoice to see,
And thankfully in Christ embrace
Your proffered liberty.

4 Saviour and Lord of all,
Thy proffer we receive,
Obedient to thy gospel-call,
That bids us turn and live:

5 Our former years mis-spent,
Though late, we deeply mourn,
And softened by thy grace, repent,
And to thy arms return.

6 Thy patience lifts us up,
Thy free, unbounded grace,
And all our fear is lost in hope,
And all our grief in praise.

7 To thee, by whom we live,
Our praise and lives we pay,
Praise, ardent, cordial, constant, give,
And shout to see thy day.