1 LET me alone another year
In honour of thy Son,
Who doth my Advocate appear
Before thy gracious throne:
Thou hast vouchsafed a longer space,
And spared the barren tree,
Because for me my Saviour prays,
And pleads his death for me.

2 Time to repent thou dost bestow;
But O the power impart!
And let my eyes with tears o'erflow,
And break my stubborn heart!
To-day, while it is called to-day,
The hindering thing remove;
And lo, I now begin to pray
And wrestle for thy love!

3 I now from all my sins would turn
To my atoning God;
And look on him I pierced, and mourn,
And feel the sprinkled blood;
Would nail my passions to the cross,
Where my Redeemer died;
And all things count but dung and loss,
For Jesus crucified.

4 Giver of penitential pain,
Before thy cross I lie,
In grief determined to remain,
Till thou thy blood apply.
Forgiveness on my conscience seal,
Bestow thy promised rest;
With purest love thy servant fill,
And number with the blest.