L.M. "Sabbaths.

.a sign." Exodus xxxi.13.

1 DEAR is the day which God hath made,
Signal of peace to earth displayed;
Its light the rainbow of the seven,
Its atmosphere the air of heaven.

2 The gay who rest nor worship prize
Jehovah's changeless sign despise;
Still stand it to our eyes alone
With claims and blessings all its own!

3 The suffering scarce, alas! can know
This from the other days of woe,
May we the worth of Sabbaths learn
Before we suffer in our turn!

4 The blest no sun save Jesus see,
No Sabbath save eternity;
May our brief Sabbaths melt away
In the clear light of endless day!

5 Lord of the Sabbath, 'tis thy will
These hours to hallow; bless them still!
Send down thy Spirit's sevenfold powers,
And make thy rest and gladness ours.