7s. Prayer for a Dying Child.

1 FATHER, Lord of earth and heaven,
Spare, or take what thou hast given;
Sole disposer of thine own,
Let thy sovereign will be done.

2 When thou didst our Isaac give,
Him we trembled to receive,
Him we called not ours, but thine,
Him we promised to resign.

3 Lo! we to our promise stand,
Lo! we answer thy demand,
Will not murmur or complain,
If thou claim thine own again.

4 Life or death depend on thee,
Just and good is thy decree,
Safe in thy decree we rest,
Sure whatever is, is best.

5 Meekly we our vow repeat,
Nature shall to grace submit,
Let him on the altar lie,
Let the victim live, or die.

6 Yet thou know'st what pangs of love
In a father's bosom move,
What the agony to part,
Struggling in a mother's heart.

7 Sorely tempted and distressed,
Can we make the fond request?
Dare we pray for a reprieve?
Need we ask that he may live?

8 God we absolutely trust,
Wise and merciful and just,
All thy works to thee are known,
All thy blessed will be done.

9 If his life a snare would prove,
Rob us of thy heavenly love,
Steal our hearts from God away;
Mercy will not let him stay.

10 If his life would matter raise
Of thine everlasting praise,
More his Saviour glorify,
Mercy will not let him die.