8 7, 8 7. "Thou hast the words," &c. John vi, 68.

1 O HOW blest the hour, Lord Jesus,
When we can to thee draw near,
Promises so sweet and precious
From thy gracious lips to hear!

2 Be with us this day to bless us,
That we may not hear in vain,
With the saving truths impress us,
Which the words of life contain.

3 See us eager for salvation
Sit, great Master, at thy feet,
And with breathless expectation
Hang upon thine accents sweet.

4 Open thou our minds, and lead us
Safely on our heavenward way;
With the lamp of truth precede us,
That we may not go astray.

5 Make us gentle, meek, and humble,
And yet bold in doing right;
Scatter darkness, lest we stumble;
Men walk safely in the light.

6 Lord, endue thy word from heaven
With such light, and love, and power,
That in us its silent leaven
May work on from hour to hour.

7 Give us grace to bear our witness
To the truths we have embraced,
And let others both their sweetness
And their quickening virtue taste.