7s & 6s. Acts xiv. 3.

1 BOLD in our Almighty Lord,
While thee we testify,
Present to confirm the word
We on thyself rely;
Thou thy confessors confess,
The truth in sinners' hearts reveal,
Welcome news of saving grace
By thy own Spirit seal.

2 More than outward wonder show
On those that humbly hear,
Let their souls the witness know,
The indwelling Comforter;
Let their lives resemble thine,
And preach the kingdom from above,
Holy joy and peace divine,
And pure unbounded love.

3 Thus thy testimony give
To all who speak for thee,
Thus let thousands turn and live
In faith's sincerity;
Through our ministerial hands
Ten thousand more with grace supply,
Power to practise thy commands,
And live for God and die.