C.M. 1 Samuel iii. 18.

1 IT is the Lord! enthroned in light,
Whose works are all divine,
Who hath an everlasting right
To govern me and mine.

2 It is the Lord! should I distrust
Or contradict his will,
Who cannot do what is unjust,
Who must be righteous still?

3 It is the Lord! who gives me all,
My wealth, my friends, my ease,
And of his bounties may recall
Whatever part he please,

4 It is the Lord! who can sustain
Beneath the heaviest load;
From whom I may assistance gain,
To tread the thorny road.

5 It is the Lord! whose wondrous skill
Can, from afflictions, raise
Matter eternity to fill
With ever-growing praise.

6 And can my soul with hopes like these
Be sullen, or repine?
No, gracious God, take what thou please,
To thee I all resign.