8s & 7s.

1 LEAD me not into temptation,
Father, leave me not alone,
Thou to whom my every passion,
Every secret thought is known;
If thy providence forsake me
In the dark unguarded hour,
Sin is sure to overtake me,
Hell is ready to devour.

2 In the feebleness of nature,
Never from thy charge depart,
Infinitely good, and greater
Than the evil of my heart;
Watch, and hold me back from sinning.
Self-inclined from thee to stray,
Stop me at the first beginning,
Turn my tempted heart away.

3 With mine enemies surrounded,
Sin, the world, and Satan's snare,
Let me never be confounded,
Tempted more than I can bear;
Rather from the dread occasion
Thy poor helpless creature hide,
Bind the sinful inclination,
Turn my stronger foe aside.

4 Conflicts I cannot require,
Who myself can nothing do;
If thou bring into the fire,
Surely thou shalt bring me through;
Shalt from every ill deliver,
That I may thy glory see,
Magnify thy name for ever,
Saved through all eternity.