2-6s & 4-7s.

1 JESU, my God and King,
Thy regal state I sing!
Thou, and only thou, art great,
High thine everlasting throne;
Thou the sovereign Potentate,
Blessed, immortal, thou alone.

2 Essay your choicest strains,
The King Messiah reigns!
Tune your harps, celestial choir,
Joyful all your voices raise;
Christ, than earth-born monarchs higher,
Sons of men and angels, praise!

3 Hail your dread Lord and ours,
Dominions, thrones, and powers!
Source of power, he rules alone:
Veil your eyes, and prostrate fall;
Cast your crowns before his throne,
Hail the Cause, the Lord of all!

4 Let earth's remotest bound
With echoing joys resound;
Christ to praise let all conspire;
Praise doth all to Christ belong:
Shout, ye first-born sons of fire!
Earth, repeat the glorious song!

5 Worthy, O Lord, art thou,
That every knee shall bow,
Every tongue to thee confess,
Universal nature join,
Strong and mighty, thee to bless,
Gracious, merciful, benign!

6 Wisdom is due to thee,
And might, and majesty;
Thee in mercy rich we prove;
Glory, honour, praise, receive;
Worthy thou of all our love,
More than all we pant to give.

7 Justice and truth maintain
Thine everlasting reign:
One with thine almighty Sire,
Partner of an equal throne,
King of saints, let all conspire
Gratefully thy sway to own!