1 SINNERS, rejoice: your peace is made;
Your Saviour on the cross hath bled:
Your God, in Jesus reconciled,
On all his works again hath smiled;
Hath grace through him and blessing given,
To all in earth and all in heaven.

2 Angels rejoice in Jesu's grace,
And vie with mans more favoured race;
The blood that did for us atone,
Conferred on them some gift unknown;
Their joy through Jesu's pains abounds,
They triumph by his glorious wounds.

3 Or, stablished and confirmed by him
Who did our lower world redeem,
Secure they keep their blest estate,
Firm on an everlasting seat;
Or, raised above themselves, aspire,
In bliss improved, in glory higher.

4 Him they beheld our conquering God,
Returned with garments rolled in blood!
They saw, and kindled at the sight,
And filled with shouts the realms of light;
With loudest hallelujahs met,
And fell, and kissed his bleeding feet.

5 They saw him in the courts above.
With all his recent prints of love;
The wounds, the blood! they heard its voice,
That heightened all their highest joys;
They felt it sprinkled through the skies,
And shared that better sacrifice.

6 Not angel-tongues can e'er express
The unutterable happiness;
Nor human hearts can e'er conceive
The bliss wherein through Christ they live,
But all your heaven, ye glorious powers,
And all your God, is doubly ours!