1 CHRIST, the true anointed seer,
Messenger from the most High,
Thy prophetic character
To my conscience signify:
Signify thy Father's will;
By that unction from above,
Mysteries of grace reveal,
Teach my heart that God is love.

2 Thou who didst for all atone,
Dost for all incessant pray;
Make thy priestly office known,
Take my cancelled sin away;
Let me peace with God regain,
Righteousness from thee receive,
Through thy meritorious pain,
Through thy intercession, live.

3 Sovereign, universal King,
Every faithful soul's desire,
Into me thy kingdom bring,
Into me thy Spirit inspire;
From mine inbred foes release;
Here set up thy gracious throne;
King of righteousness and peace,
Reign in every heart alone!