"All Thy works praise Thee, O Lord."

THE strain upraise of joy and praise, Alleluia.
To the glory of their King
Shall the ransomed people sing Alleluia.
And the choirs that dwell on high
Shall re-echo through the sky Alleluia.
They in the rest of Paradise who dwell,
The blessed ones, with joy the chorus swell, Alleluia.
The planets beaming on their heavenly way,
The shining constellations join, and say Alleluia. Ye clouds that onward sweep,
Ye winds on pinions light,
Ye thunders, echoing loud and deep,
Ye lightnings wildly bright,
ln sweet consent unite your Alleluia. Ye floods and ocean billows,
Ye storms and winter snow,
Ye days of cloudless beauty,
Hoar frost and summer glow,
Ye groves that wave in spring,
And glorious forests, sing Alleluia. First let the birds, with painted plumage gay,
Exalt their great Creator's praise, and say Alleluia.
Then let the beasts of earth, with varying strain,
Join in creation's hymn, and cry again Alleluia. Here let the mountains thunder forth sonorous Alleluia.
There let the valleys sing in gentler chorus Alleluia.
Thou jubilant abyss of ocean, cry Alleluia.
Ye tracts of earth and continents, reply Alleluia.
To God, who all creation made,
The frequent hymn be duly paid: Alleluia. This is the strain, the eternal strain,
the Lord Almighty loves: Alleluia.
This is the song, the heavenly song, that
Christ the king approves: Alleluia. Wherefore we sing, both heart and
voice awaking, Alleluia.
And children's voices echo, answer
making, Alleluia. Now from all men be out-poured
Alleluia to the Lord;
With Alleluia evermore
The Son and Spirit we adore.
Praise be done to the Three in One,
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen.