4-6s & 2-8s. Psalm cxxxiii.

1 BEHOLD, how good a thing
It is to dwell in peace;
How pleasing to our King
This fruit of righteousness;
When brethren all in one agree,
Who knows the joys of unity!

2 When all are sweetly joined,
(True followers of the Lamb)
The same in heart and mind,
And think and speak the same;
And all in love together dwell;
The comfort is unspeakable.

3 Where unity takes place,
The joys of heaven we prove;
This is the gospel grace,
The unction from above,
The Spirit on all believers shed,
Descending swift from Christ our Head.

4 Where unity is found,
The sweet anointing grace
Extends to all around,
And consecrates the place;
To every waiting soul it comes,
And fills it with divine perfumes.

5 Grace every morning new,
And every night, we feel;
The soft, refreshing dew
That falls on Hermon's hill!
On Zion it doth sweetly fall;
The grace of one descends on all.

6 Even now our Lord doth pour
The blessing from above,
A kindly, gracious shower
Of heart-reviving love,
The former and the latter rain,
The love of God and love of man.

7 In him when brethren join,
And follow after peace,
The fellowship divine
He promises to bless;
His choicest graces to bestow,
Where two or three are met below.

8 The riches of his grace
In fellowship are given
To Zion's chosen race,
The citizens of heaven:
He fills them with his choicest store,
He gives them life for evermore.