6-8s. Psalm ix.

1 THEE will I praise with all my heart,
And tell mankind how good thou art,
How marvellous thy works of grace;
Thy name I will in songs record,
And joy and glory in my Lord,
Extolled above all thanks and praise.

2 The Lord will save his people here;
In times of need their Help is near,
To all by sin and hell oppressed;
And they that know thy name will trust
In thee, who to thy promise just
Hast never left a soul distressed.

3 The Lord is by his judgments known;
He helps his poor afflicted one,
His sorrows all he bears in mind;
The mourner shall not always weep,
Who sows in tears in joy shall reap,
With grief who seeks with joy shall find.

4 A helpless soul that looks to thee
Is sure at last thy face to see,
And all thy goodness to partake;
The sinner who for thee doth grieve,
And longs, and labours to believe,
Thou never, never wilt forsake.