6-8s. Psalm ii.

1 HOW are the Gentiles all on fire!
Why rage they with vain menacing?
'Gainst God, and his Anointed King"
Earth's haughty potentates conspire;
Break we (say they) their servile bands,
And cast their cords from our free hands.

2 But God from his celestial throne
Shall laugh, and their attempts deride;
Then high incensed thus check their pride,
(His wrath in their confusion shown)
Lo! I my King have crowned, and will
Enthrone, on Zion's sacred hill.

3 That great decree I shall declare;
For thus I heard Jehovah say,
"Thou art my Son, begot this day;
Request, and I will grant thy prayer,
Subject all nations to thy throne,
And make the sea-bound earth thine own.

4 "Thou shalt an iron sceptre sway,
As earthen vessels, break their bones;"
Be wise then, ye who sit on thrones,
And judges grave, advice obey;
With joyful fear O serve the Lord!
With trembling joy embrace his Word.

5 In reverent homage kiss the Son,
Lest he his wrathful looks display,
And so ye perish in the way,
His anger newly but begun;
Then blessed only are the just,
Who on the Anointed fix their trust.