7s & 6s. Ezekiel xxxiv. 29, 30.

1 CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies,
That famous Plant thou art:
Tree of Life eternal, rise
In every longing heart!
Bid us find the food in thee
For which our deathless spirits pine,
Fed with immortality,
And filled with love divine.

2 Long we have our burden borne,
Our own unfaithfulness,
Object of the heathen's scorn,
Who mocked our scanty grace;
Jesus, our reproach remove;
Let sin no more thy people shame!
Show us rooted in thy love,
In life and death the same.

3 In thy spotless people show
Thy power and constancy;
Give us thus to feel and know
Our fellowship with thee:
Give us all thy mind to express,
And blameless in our Lord to abide,
Transcripts of thy holiness,
Thy fair, unspotted bride.