L.M. Revelation iii. 20.

1 SAVIOUR of all, to thee we bow,
And own thee faithful to thy word;
We hear thy voice, and open now
Our hearts to entertain our Lord.

2 Come in, come in, thou heavenly guest,
Delight in what thyself hast given;
On thy own gifts and graces feast,
And make the contrite heart thy heaven.

3 Smell the sweet odour of our prayers,
Our sacrifice of praise approve,
And treasure up our gracious tears,
And rest in thy redeeming love.

4 Beneath thy shadow let us sit,
Call us thy friends, and love, and bride,
And bid us freely drink and eat
Thy dainties, and be satisfied.

5 O let us on thy fulness feed,
And eat thy flesh, and drink thy blood!
Jesu, thy blood is drink indeed,
Jesu, thy flesh is angels' food.

6 The heavenly manna faith imparts,
Faith makes thy fulness all our own;
We feed upon thee in our hearts,
And find that heaven and thou are one.