1 SAVIOUR of sinful men,
Thy goodness we proclaim,
Which brings us here to meet again,
And triumph in thy name;
Our safeguard and our tower;
Hath saved us from the world, and sin,
And all the accuser's power.

2 Jesus take all the praise,
That still on earth we live,
Unspotted in so foul a place,
And innocently grieve!
We shall from Sodom flee,
When perfected in love;
And haste to better company,
Who wait for us above.

3 Awhile in flesh disjoined,
Our friends that went before
We soon in Paradise shall find,
And meet to part no more.
In yon thrice-happy seat,
Waiting for us they are;
And thou shalt there a husband meet!
And I a parent there!

4 O! what a mighty change
Shall Jesu's sufferers know,
While o'er the happy plains they range,
Incapable of woe!
No ill-requited love
Shall there our spirits wound;
No base ingratitude above,
No sin in heaven is found.

5 There all our griefs are spent!
There all our sorrows end!
We cannot there the fall lament
Of a departed friend!
A brother dead to God,
By sin, alas! undone
No father there, in passion loud,
Cries, "O my son, my son!"

6 Nor slightest touch of pain,
Nor sorrow's least alloy,
Can violate our rest, or stain
Our purity of joy:
In that eternal day
No clouds nor tempests rise,
These gushing tears are wiped away
For ever from our eyes.