1 JESU, the word of mercy give,
And let it swiftly run;
And let the priests themselves believe,
And put salvation on.

2 Clothed with the spirit of holiness,
May all thy people prove
The plenitude of gospel grace,
The joy of perfect love.

3 Jesus, let all thy lovers shine
Illustrious as the sun;
And, bright with borrowed rays divine,
Their glorious circuit run:

4 Beyond the reach of mortals, spread
Their light where'er they go;
And heavenly influences shed
On all the world below.

5 As giants may they run their race,
Exulting in their might;
As burning luminaries, chase
The gloom of hellish night:

6 As the bright Sun of righteousness,
Their healing wings display;
And let their lustre still increase
Unto the perfect day.