1 LET God, who comforts the distrest,
Let Israel's consolation hear!
Hear, Holy Ghost, our joint request,
And show thyself the Comforter,
And swell the unutterable groan,
And breathe our wishes to the throne.

2 We weep for those that weep below,
And burdened, for the afflicted sigh;
The various forms of human woe
Excite our softest sympathy,
Fill every heart with mournful care,
And draw out all our souls in prayer.

3 We wrestle for the ruined race,
By sin eternally undone,
Unless thou magnify thy grace,
And make thy richest mercy known,
And make thy vanquished rebels find
Pardon in Christ for all mankind.

4 Father of everlasting love,
To every soul thy Son reveal,
Our guilt and sufferings to remove,
Our deep, original wound to heal;
And bid the fallen race arise,
And turn our earth to paradise.