1 LORD, I believe a rest remains
To all thy people known,
A rest where pure enjoyment reigns,
And thou art loved alone:

2 A rest, where all our souls desire
Is fixed on things above;
Where fear, and sin, and grief expire,
Cast out by perfect love.

3 O that I now the rest might know,
Believe, and enter in!
Now, Saviour, now the power bestow,
And let me cease from sin.

4 Remove this hardness from my heart,
This unbelief remove:
To me the rest of faith impart,
The Sabbath of thy love.

5 I would be thine, thou know'st I would,
And have thee all my own;
Thee, O my all-sufficient good!
I want, and thee alone.

6 Thy name to me, thy nature grant!
This, only this be given:
Nothing beside my God I want,
Nothing in earth or heaven.

7 Come, O my Saviour, come away!
Into my soul descend;
No longer from thy creature stay,
My author and my end!

8 Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
And seal me thine abode!
Let all I am in thee be lost,
Let all be lost in God.