7s & 6s.

1 FATHER, see this living clod,
This spark of heavenly fire,
See my soul, the breath of God,
Doth after God aspire:
Let it still to heaven ascend,
Till I my principle rejoin,
Blended with my glorious end,
And lost in love divine.

2 Lord, if thou from me hast broke
The power of outward sin,
Burst this Babylonish yoke,
And make me free within;
Bid my inbred sin depart,
And I thy utmost word shall prove,
Upright both in life and heart,
And perfected in love.

3 God of all-sufficient grace,
My God in Christ thou art;
Bid me walk before thy face,
Till I am pure in heart;
Till, transformed by faith divine,
I gain that perfect love unknown,
Bright in all thine image shine,
By putting on thy Son.

4 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
In council join again,
To restore thine image lost
By hail, apostate man;
O might I thy form express,
Through faith begotten from above,
Stamped with real holiness,
And filled with perfect love!