6-8s. Exodus xxxii. 10.

1 WONDROUS power of faithful prayer!
What tongue can tell the almighty grace?
God's hands or bound or open are,
As Moses or Elijah prays:
Let Moses in the Spirit groan,
And God cries out, "Let me alone!

2 "Let me alone, that all my wrath
May rise the wicked to consume!
While justice hears thy praying faith,
It cannot seal the sinner's doom;
My Son is in my servant's prayer,
And Jesus forces me to spare."

3 O blessed word of gospel grace!
Which now we for our Israel plead,
A faithless and backsliding race,
Whom thou hast out of Egypt freed;
O do not then in wrath chastise,
Nor let thy whole displeasure rise!

4 Father, we ask in Jesu's name,
In Jesu's power and spirit pray;
Divert thy vengeful thunder's aim,
O turn thy threatening wrath away!
Our guilt and punishment remove,
And magnify thy pardoning love.

5 Father, regard thy pleading Son!
Accept his all-availing prayer,
And send a peaceful answer down,
In honour of our Spokesman there;
Whose blood proclaims our sins forgiven,
And speaks thy rebels up to heaven.