10s & 11s.

1 OMNIPOTENT Lord, My Saviour and King,
Thy succour afford, Thy righteousness bring;
Thy promises bind thee Compassion to have,
Now, now let me find thee Almighty to save.

2 Rejoicing, in hope, And patient in grief,
To thee I look up For certain relief;
I fear no denial, No danger I fear,
Nor start from the trial, While Jesus is near.

3 I every hour In jeopardy stand;
But thou art my power, And holdest my hand;
While yet I am calling, Thy succour I feel,
It saves me from falling, Or plucks me from hell.

4 O who can explain This struggle for life!
This travail and pain, This trembling and strife!
Plague, earthquake, and famine, And tumult, and war,
The wonderful coming Of Jesus declare.

5 For every fight Is dreadful and loud,
The warrior's delight Is slaughter and blood,
His foes overturning, Till all shall expire;
But this is with burning And fuel of fire.

6 Yet God is above Men, devils, and sin,
My Jesus's love The battle shall win,
So terribly glorious His coming shall be,
His love all victorious Shall conquer for me

7 He all shall break through; His truth and his grace
Shall bring me into The plentiful place,
Through much tribulation, Through water and fire,
Through floods of temptation, And flames of desire.

8 On Jesus, my power, Till then I rely,
All evil before His presence shall fly;
When I have my Saviour, My Sin shall depart
And Jesus for ever Shall reign in my heart.