C.M. Part II

1 BY faith we find the place above,
The Rock that rent in twain;
Beneath the shade of divine love,
And in the clefts remain.

2 Jesus, to thy dear wounds we flee,
We sink into thy side;
Assured that all who trust in thee
Shall evermore abide.

3 Then let the thundering trumpet sound,
The latest lightning glare,
The mountains melt, the solid ground
Dissolve as liquid air;

4 The huge celestial bodies roll,
Amidst that general fire,
And shrivel as a parchment-scroll,
And all in smoke expire!

5 Yet still the Lord, the Saviour reigns,
When nature is destroyed,
And no created thing remains
Throughout the flaming void.

6 Sublime upon his azure throne,
He speaks the almighty word;
His fiat is obeyed! 'tis done;
And Paradise restored.

7 So be it! let this system end,
This ruinous earth and skies,
The new Jerusalem descend,
The new creation rise!

8 Thy power omnipotent assume,
Thy brightest majesty!
And when thou dost in glory come,
My Lord, remember me!