Logos Testimonial

For anyone who might be wondering about the advantages of the Logos...

I am a 3rd year Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS) Student. I have completed all but one of my required language courses, and plan to graduate in May and be ordained in June.

In terms of the impact of Logos in my studies: Logos allows me to immerse myself in the original languages every week when I prepare a sermon, whereas I am not sure that I would consult the Greek or the Hebrew without this tool. At CTS, I worked extremely hard to learn both these languages: toiling with vocabulary and grammar, learning paradigms, seeing exegetical payoffs, but the simple reality is that I am not a language scholar, and never will be. I will never be able to pick up my Nestle-Aland and sight read it. I am not a language guru; in fact, I am much closer to the other end of the scale — an average student who worked hard to learn the Biblical languages in order to gain an M-div degree because God has called me to be a pastor — all the time wondering at the relevance of all this language study.

In years past, most of us "average students" would have been forced to give up the Hebrew and the Greek because we simply lacked the combination of mental capacity and time that is needed to do the study of the original languages. With Logos, I am now using the original text to do my slow reading of the text. The translation from the Greek/Hebrew has now become somewhat of a devotional exercise for me! Thanks to Logos, all the grammatical and vocabulary related anxiety is gone. If I don’t know a word’s meaning, the definition is only a click away — in multiple sources. If I forget what an aorist signifies, the answer is only a click away. In fact, I now consider my being a mediocre language student a blessing, because it forces me to slow down, to really read the text, and to immerse myself in what the text is really saying! Within 2 hours, even for long and difficult passages, I am now able to translate the passage, put it in a clausal outline, and have a real good idea of where the sermon is going to go, based on the structure of the text.

Simply put — Logos is the difference between me being in the original languages every week in the pastorate verses putting my Greek and Hebrew texts on the shelf in my office and, regrettably, not looking at them again.


Jeff Vandermeer

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