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The one who lives alone is self-indulgent,

showing contempt for all who have sound judgment.


A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,

but only in expressing personal opinion.


When wickedness comes, contempt comes also;

and with dishonor comes disgrace.


The words of the mouth are deep waters;

the fountain of wisdom is a gushing stream.


It is not right to be partial to the guilty,

or to subvert the innocent in judgment.


A fool’s lips bring strife,

and a fool’s mouth invites a flogging.


The mouths of fools are their ruin,

and their lips a snare to themselves.


The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels;

they go down into the inner parts of the body.


One who is slack in work

is close kin to a vandal.


The name of the Lord is a strong tower;

the righteous run into it and are safe.


The wealth of the rich is their strong city;

in their imagination it is like a high wall.


Before destruction one’s heart is haughty,

but humility goes before honor.


If one gives answer before hearing,

it is folly and shame.


The human spirit will endure sickness;

but a broken spirit—who can bear?


An intelligent mind acquires knowledge,

and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.


A gift opens doors;

it gives access to the great.


The one who first states a case seems right,

until the other comes and cross-examines.


Casting the lot puts an end to disputes

and decides between powerful contenders.


An ally offended is stronger than a city;

such quarreling is like the bars of a castle.


From the fruit of the mouth one’s stomach is satisfied;

the yield of the lips brings satisfaction.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

and those who love it will eat its fruits.


He who finds a wife finds a good thing,

and obtains favor from the Lord.


The poor use entreaties,

but the rich answer roughly.


Some friends play at friendship

but a true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin.

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Verse 1

If we would get knowledge and grace, we must try all methods of improving ourselves.

Verse 2

Those make nothing to purpose, of learning or religion, whose only design is to have something to make a show with.

Verse 3

As soon as sin entered, shame followed.

Verse 4

The well-spring of wisdom in the heart of a believer, continually supplies words of wisdom.

Verse 5

The merits of a cause must be looked to, not the person.

Verses 6, 7

What mischief bad men do to themselves by their ungoverned tongues!

Verse 8

How base are those that sow contention! and what fatal effects may be expected from small beginnings of jealousy!

Verse 9

Omissions of duty, and in duty, are fatal to the soul, as well as commissions of sin.

Verses 10, 11

The Divine power, made known in and through our Lord Jesus Christ, forms a strong tower for the believer, who relies on the Lord. How deceitful the defence of the rich man, who has his portion and treasure in this world! It is a strong city and a high wall only in his own conceit; for it will fail when most in need. They will be exposed to the just wrath of that Judge whom they despised as a Saviour.

Verse 12

After the heart has been lifted up with pride, a fall comes. But honour shall be the reward of humility.

Verse 13

Eagerness, with self-conceit, will expose to shame.

Verse 14

Firmness of mind supports under many pains and trials. But when the conscience is tortured with remorse, no human fortitude can bear the misery; what then will hell be?

Verse 15

We must get knowledge, not only into our heads, but into our hearts.

Verse 16

Blessed be the Lord, who makes us welcome to come to his throne, without money and without price. May his gifts make room for him in our souls.

Verse 17

It is well to listen to our enemies, that we may form a better judgment of ourselves.

Verse 18

It was customary sometimes to refer matters to God, by casting lots, with solemn prayer. The profaning the lot, by using it in matters of diversion, or coveting what belongs to others, forms an objection to this now.

Verse 19

Great care must be taken to prevent quarrels among relations and those under obligations to each other. Wisdom and grace make it easy to forgive; but corruption makes it difficult.

Verse 20

The belly is here put for the heart, as elsewhere; and what that is filled with, our satisfaction will be accordingly, and our inward peace.

Verse 21

Many a one has caused his own death, or the death of others, by a false or injurious tongue.

Verse 22

A good wife is a great blessing to a man, and it is a token of Divine favour.

Verse 23

Poverty tells men they must not order or demand. And at the throne of God's grace we are all poor, and must use entreaties.

Verse 24

Christ Jesus never will forsake those who trust in and love him. May we be such friends to others, for our Master's sake. Having loved his own, which were in the world, he loved them unto the end; and we are his friends if we do whatever he commands us, Joh 15:14.