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The Future Role of the Remnant


Then the remnant of Jacob,

surrounded by many peoples,

shall be like dew from the Lord,

like showers on the grass,

which do not depend upon people

or wait for any mortal.

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7. remnant of Jacob—already mentioned in Mic 5:3. It in comparative smallness stands in antithesis to the "many people." Though Israel be but a remnant amidst many nations after her restoration, yet she shall exercise the same blessed influence in quickening them spiritually that the small imperceptible dew exercises in refreshing the grass (De 32:2; Ps 72:6; 110:3). The influence of the Jews restored from Babylon in making many Gentile proselytes is an earnest of a larger similar effect hereafter (Isa 66:19; Zec 8:13).

from the Lord—Israel's restoration and the consequent conversion of the Gentiles are solely of grace.

tarrieth not for man—entirely God's work, as independent of human contrivance as the dew and rains that fertilize the soil.