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Bildad Speaks: How Can a Mortal Be Righteous Before God?


Then Bildad the Shuhite answered:


“Dominion and fear are with God;

he makes peace in his high heaven.


Is there any number to his armies?

Upon whom does his light not arise?


How then can a mortal be righteous before God?

How can one born of woman be pure?


If even the moon is not bright

and the stars are not pure in his sight,


how much less a mortal, who is a maggot,

and a human being, who is a worm!”


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Verses 18–25

Sometimes how gradual is the decay, how quiet the departure of a wicked person, how is he honoured, and how soon are all his cruelties and oppressions forgotten! They are taken off with other men, as the harvestman gathers the ears of corn as they come to hand. There will often appear much to resemble the wrong view of Providence Job takes in this chapter. But we are taught by the word of inspiration, that these notions are formed in ignorance, from partial views. The providence of God, in the affairs of men, is in every thing a just and wise providence. Let us apply this whenever the Lord may try us. He cannot do wrong. The unequalled sorrows of the Son of God when on earth, unless looked at in this view, perplex the mind. But when we behold him, as the sinner's Surety, bearing the curse, we can explain why he should endure that wrath which was due to sin, that Divine justice might be satisfied, and his people saved.