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2For a tent was constructed, the first one, in which were the lampstand, the table, and the bread of the Presence; this is called the Holy Place.

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2. Defining "the worldly tabernacle."

a tabernacle—"the tabernacle."

made—built and furnished.

the first—the anterior tabernacle.

candlestick … table—typifying light and life (Ex 25:31-39). The candlestick consisted of a shaft and six branches of gold, seven in all, the bowls made like almonds, with a knop and a flower in one branch. It was carried in Vespasian's triumph, and the figure is to be seen on Titus' arch at Rome. The table of shittim wood, covered with gold, was for the showbread (Ex 25:23-30).

showbread—literally, "the setting forth of the loaves," that is, the loaves set forth: "the show of the bread" [Alford]. In the outer holy place: so the Eucharist continues until our entrance into the heavenly Holy of Holies (1Co 11:26).

which, &c.—"which (tabernacle) is called the holy place," as distinguished from "the Holy of Holies."