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10but deal only with food and drink and various baptisms, regulations for the body imposed until the time comes to set things right.

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10. Which—sacrifices.

stood—consisted in [Alford]; or, "have attached to them" only things which appertain to the use of foods, &c. The rites of meats, &c., go side by side with the sacrifices [Tholuck and Wahl]; compare Col 2:16.

drinks—(Le 10:9; 11:4). Usage subsequently to the law added many observances as to meats and drinks.

washings—(Ex 29:4).

and carnal ordinances—One oldest manuscript, Syriac and Coptic, omit "and." "Carnal ordinances" stand in apposition to "sacrifices" (Heb 9:9). Carnal (outward, affecting only the flesh) is opposed to spiritual. Contrast "flesh" with "conscience" (Heb 9:13, 14).

imposed—as a burden (Ac 15:10, 28) continually pressing heavy.

until the time of reformationGreek, "the season of rectification," when the reality should supersede the type (Heb 8:8-12). Compare "better," Heb 9:23.