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34For you had compassion for those who were in prison, and you cheerfully accepted the plundering of your possessions, knowing that you yourselves possessed something better and more lasting.

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34. ye had compassion on me in my bonds—The oldest manuscripts and versions omit "me," and read, "Ye both sympathized with those in bonds (answering to the last clause of Heb 10:33; compare Heb 13:3, 23; 6:10), and accepted (so the Greek is translated in Heb 11:35) with joy (Jas 1:2; joy in tribulations, as exercising faith and other graces, Ro 5:3; and the pledge of the coming glory, Mt 5:12) the plundering of your (own) goods (answering to the first clause of Heb 10:33)."

in yourselves—The oldest manuscripts omit "in": translate, "knowing that ye have for (or 'to') yourselves."

better—a heavenly (Heb 11:16).

enduring—not liable to spoiling.

substance—possession: peculiarly our own, if we will not cast away our birthright.