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35Do not, therefore, abandon that confidence of yours; it brings a great reward.

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35-37. Consequent exhortation to confidence and endurance, as Christ is soon coming.

Cast not away—implying that they now have "confidence," and that it will not withdraw of itself, unless they "cast it away" wilfully (compare Heb 3:14).

whichGreek, "the which": inasmuch as being such as.

hath—present tense: it is as certain as if you had it in your hand (Heb 10:37). It hath in reversion.

recompense of reward—of grace not of debt: a reward of a kind which no mercenary self-seeker would seek: holiness will be its own reward; self-devoting unselfishness for Christ's sake will be its own rich recompense (see on Heb 2:2; Heb 11:26).