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Treasure in Clay Jars


Therefore, since it is by God’s mercy that we are engaged in this ministry, we do not lose heart.

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2Co 4:1-18. His Preaching Is Open and Sincere, though to Many the Gospel Is Hidden.

For he preaches Christ, not himself: the human vessel is frail that God may have the glory; yet, though frail, faith and the hope of future glory sustain him amidst the decay of the outward man.

1. ThereforeGreek, "For this cause": Because we have the liberty-giving Spirit of the Lord, and with unveiled face behold His glory (2Co 3:17, 18).

seeing we have this ministry—"The ministration of the Spirit" (2Co 3:8, 9): the ministry of such a spiritual, liberty-giving Gospel: resuming 2Co 3:6, 8.

received mercy—from God, in having had this ministry conferred on us (2Co 3:5). The sense of "mercy" received from God, makes men active for God (1Ti 1:11-13).

we faint not—in boldness of speech and action, and patience in suffering (2Co 4:2, 8-16, &c.).