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“Those who desire life

and desire to see good days,

let them keep their tongues from evil

and their lips from speaking deceit;


let them turn away from evil and do good;

let them seek peace and pursue it.

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10. will loveGreek, "wishes to love." He who loves life (present and eternal), and desires to continue to do so, not involving himself in troubles which will make this life a burden, and cause him to forfeit eternal life. Peter confirms his exhortation, 1Pe 3:9, by Ps 34:12-16.

refrain—curb, literally, "cause to cease"; implying that our natural inclination and custom is to speak evil. "Men commonly think that they would be exposed to the wantonness of their enemies if they did not strenuously vindicate their rights. But the Spirit promises a life of blessedness to none but those who are gentle and patient of evils" [Calvin].

evil … guile—First he warns against sins of the tongue, evil-speaking, and deceitful, double-tongued speaking; next, against acts of injury to one's neighbor.

11. In oldest manuscripts, Greek, "Moreover (besides his words, in acts), let him."

eschew—"turn from."

ensuepursue as a thing hard to attain, and that flees from one in this troublesome world.