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Guided Study - Handbook on Faith, Hope, and Love

Thank you for your interest in the Guided Study on Augustine’s Handbook!

This guided study will be a wonderful tour through a book of one of Christianity’s greatest theologians and pastors. As a beloved early church father, Augustine provides insights into Christianity which are often profound and enlightening. And, as the Christmas season approaches, Augustine’s Handbook will refresh and renew our faith as we commemorate the coming of our Lord together.

If you sign up for this study you will receive eight lessons by e-mail. The guided study will begin December 10th and last until January 28th. On December 10th, you will receive via e-mail the first lesson, with a link to the text we will be studying for the next week. On December 17th, you will receive via e-mail the second lesson and thought questions for the first lesson, along with links to both a discussion forum for the first lesson and the text we will be studying the week after that. You will continue to receive via e-mail the remaining six lessons, for a total of eight lessons, until the final lesson on January 28th.

Thanks once again, and may you find this study fruitful!

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