H. W. Smyth

Greek Grammar Notes

Part 1 286-





287 D. In the fem. nom. sing. Ionic has -η, never -ᾱ; in the fem. gen. pl. Hom. has -ά̄ων (less often -έων); Hdt. has -έων in oxytone adjectives and participles, and so probably in barytones.





289 D. Hom. has ἵ̄λᾱος or ἵ̄λᾰος; πλεῖος, πλείη, πλεῖον (Hdt. πλέος, πλέη, πλέον); σῶς (only in this form), and σόος, σόη, σόον, Hom. has N. ζώς, A. ζών living, and ζωός, ζωή, ζωόν living.