Touching Incidents


Remarkable Answers to Prayer

As Related By

John B. Gough

D. L. Moody,

Bishop Bowman, LL.D

A. B. Earle, D.D.

Mrs. Mary Grant Cramer

Charles G. Finney,

James H. Potts, D.D.

S. A. Keene, D.D.

Mathew Hale Smith

S. I. Prime, D.D.

John Wesley,

C. H. Spurgeon, D.D.

T. De Witt Talmage, D.D.

Mrs. Maggie Van Cott,

George Muller,

B. Fay Mills,

Bishop Simpson, D.D.

Edward Payson, D.D.

William Carvosso

George Fox

John Knox

Mark Guy Pearce

Martin Luther

H. L. Hastings

And Many Others.


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