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2014-07-11. Added Christian Hymn Book: A Compilation of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs…, digitized by Stephen Hutcheson.

2014-07-02. Added a newly proofed and obtained copy of Early Christian Doctrine by Leighton Pullan.

2014-07-01. Added a newly proofed and obtained copy of Heather and Snow by George MacDonald.

2014-06-30. Added a newly obtained copy of The Ascent of the Son--The Descent of the Spirit by Kuyper, translated by Jan Boer.

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What Happens When People Believe Jesus is Lord of All?


Ask a Christian Reformed Church member what it means to be Reformed and one of the answers you'll probably get is 'It means to have a world and life view" or "It means to recognize the Lordship of Christ over all things." That's a good answer, but what does it mean? Do we understand what that means today? Does it make a difference in the way we practice our faith?