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John Donne Devotionals

by John Donne

John Donne, best known for his English poetry, preached his last sermon on February 15, 1631. The sermon, titled “Death’s Duel” dealt with a topic Donne frequently addressed in his writing and which Donne would experience less than two months later as he died on March 31, 1631.

Donne is the author of numerous works including the sermon mentioned above, a book of devotions, and a couple of sermons. Find out more about Donne and his works at Devotional books have been popular among CCEL users, and this month we are featuring John Donne Devotions as our book of the month. According to the CCEL book summary, “The devotions are all structured the same, each beginning with a meditation followed by an expostulation and a prayer.” Find and read this book at

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